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A long running controversial subject is where to buy service parts for your Porsche. Many owners will only buy their service parts from Porsche dealers, saying that any part from any other supplier is of lesser quality.

I have always serviced and repaired my cars myself. My most recent Porsche is a 2014 991.1. The service interval in the UK is 24 months or 20,000 miles. In the USA, the official service interval for the same car s 10,000 miles or 12 months. I intend to take my car to the dealer once every two years. In-between ‘official’ services, I will change the oil myself.

So, I purchased an oil filter from my local Porsche Centre. As I am a Porsche club UK member, I get a 10% discount. The filter cost £18.58 The sealing ring was £6.45, and the sump washer was £1.23, making a total including VAT of £32.71. On collecting the part, it turned out to be a Mahle branded filter, part number OX254D4. I was able to buy an identical filter from ebay for £6.32 including deliver. This filter included the same oil seal. I also purchased 10 copper sump plug washers for £1.74. Lets just think about that for a moment.

Porsche Price £32.71

Internet price £8.06

The Porsche price for identically the same item was four times as expensive. Not to mention that the above price included 10 sump washers.

Porsche 991 oil filter dealer vs internet

The thing to bear in mind here is that Porsche do not manufacture service parts.